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Cleint Testimonials

‘I have been treated with botox and had dermal fillers before, but decided to try Beautoxology because of their professional persona and competitive rates. I have been over the moon with every aspect of their service throughout. The consultation was more comprehensive than I have ever received before, I was given time to go away and think about my treatment options, and moreover I was thrilled with the fantastic results I received and superb aftercare. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now as I believe I have found the full package’.

Mrs S Parker (Solihull)

‘I had never received any treatment to my face but had aways been conscious of my thin lips. I went along for a free consultation and was made to feel relaxed and well supported. The nurse examined my face and explained all the treatment options to me and the type of look I could expect from them. I was treated two weeks later and was astounded by how quick and pain free the procedure was. I feel a million dollars now, as this really has changed the way I view myself’.

T Lucas (Worcestershire)

When I arrived at my local clinic I received an extremely warm welcome. I was very nervous about having any treatment, but within no time I was sitting having a coffee and friendly chat with an experienced advisor. I felt the staff gave me all the time I needed and explained everything extremely thoroughly. I have been a longstanding customer ever since and would highly recommend Beautoxology.

D Gorman (Birmingham)

As someone that works in the medical profession I was very choosy about where and who I received treatment from. I certainly chose wisely as the Beautoxology team was exceptional in every way.

I Brown (Aberdeen)

I had a resurfacing chemical face peel as I had pitting of the skin as a result of adolescent acne. I was dubious that anything could make a difference but thought I’d give this a try as a last attempt to rectify the problem. I was absolutely amazed by the results. Although my skin is not completely perfect I would say it is eighty percent better. I still haven’t completed my entire course of treatments but I am overjoyed with how dramatic the results are already.

Rachel (London)

Outstanding consultation, brilliant treatment and terrific results!

Frances Moore (Birmingham)

‘Thank you so much for making such a difference and taking such good care of me. I think you are all fantastic’

(Anon Leicestershire)

I explained that I wanted to look young for my age but didn’t want people to know I had received Botox treatment. My practitioner must have listened very carefully because she has really perfected a natural but youthful appearance and I am overjoyed. I have since recommended a number of friends and they too have been delighted with the care they have received.

P Carolan (Dublin)

I felt very self conscious as the aging process has been particularly unkind to me, yet quite graceful to my wife of nineteen years. We researched my treatment options thoroughly and decided to opt for non-surgical cosmetics solutions, rather than permanent surgery. I went to Beautoxology after they came highly recommended by my wife’s friend. They were absolutely great and their experience definitely shows. The consultation was in strictest confidence and I received treatment within a week. I’m so glad I took those first steps, it really has changed my life and my wife is also thrilled with the new younger looking me!


My angry frown lines have completely gone, so I’m not just happier from within, I also look much happier on the outside too.

PG (Norfolk)