Experts in skin rejuvination

Price List 2010 - 2011

Botox/disport-Injections for relaxing
lines and Azzalure
Relaxing lines
1 area£195.00
2 areas£260.00
3 areas£295.00
Non Surgical Brow Lift from £195.00
Bunny lines £90.00
Hyperhydrosis (for excessive sweating) £550.00
Smoothing wrinkles, folds and volume
enhancement (Type and amount of product required will be discussed at consultation).
Skin Hydration treatment
Teosyal Mesofrom £195.00
Restylane Vitalfrom £195.00
Medical Skin Peelfrom £60.00
Lip enhancement£295.00
Skin resurfacingfrom £85.00
(leg thread vein removal) ½ hour session
Cheek Augmentation, Chin Enhancement, Scar Correction and other areas available
on request
Hydrafill Grade 1 (0.6mls)*1 syringe £255.00
Hydrafill Grade 1 (0.6mls)*2 syringes £460.00
Hydrafill Grade II & III (0.6mls)*1 syringe £265.00
Hydrafill Grade II & III (0.6mls)*2 syringes £490.00
Restylane (1ml)£255.00
Perlane (1ml)£295.00
(Also Available Juraderm, Teosyal and Radiesse ranges)
Juraderm Ultra 2+3 (0.55ml)£250.00
Juraderm Ultra 4 (0.8ml)£295.00